Why Choose Fortune Payments

Fortune Payments offers merchants, including CBD and high risk merchants, the ability to provide top quality, dependable and secure credit card services to their customers.

We believe in empowering you by offering the merchant services, processing terminals and business software that will help you simplify your business operations and credit card processing.

Fortune Payments Commitment

Fortune Payments guarantees the lowest rates by working directly with the largest processors in the industry. As a merchant account broker, Fortune Payments has the buying power of the largest corporations in the United States. We have a unique position in the market place to build high volume relationships and keep our expenses low to pass the savings down to you, our clients.


Accepting credit card transactions is easy with Fortune Payments. Fortune Paymeents processes transactions applicable for retail, online and any other businesses that aim to offer credit card processing.

We are here for you. While issues may occur from time to time, we believe that the true measure of great customer service stems from working with you to resolve your issues if and when they occur.

We pride ourselves on our personalized care and human touch. We see ourselves as your partner, and we want to help you run your business just the way you imagine it, without any payment processing hassles.

Merchants enjoy significant savings on their credit card processing with Fortune Payments’ Cost + Pricing.

  • Unlike most credit card processors, we really know how to save you money. We know how to get you the lowest rates. We understand how your business works almost as well as we understand our own.

  • We don’t try to fit you into our credit card processing plans. We make sure that your plan fits your business to a T.

  • That’s because it matters as much to us as it does to you. We make money when you make money. We know that means ensuring that you get the best service as well as the best rates.

  • Our customer and technical support team offers unsurpassed service.

  • Franchisors can benefit directly and indirectly when they permit their franchisees to enjoy Fortune Payments’ money saving processing rates.

  • Associations all across the United States include our preferred rates as a benefit to membership. In many cases those preferred rates save their members more than the association’s membership fee.

  • Point of sale software and hardware providers have discovered that Canada First‘s cost saving processing rates are enabling them to provide even greater benefits to their customers in their highly competitive marketplace.

  • We’re able to compare your current credit card processing package to any number of alternatives in order to ensure that you get the best credit card processing deal possible with the most appropriate blend of processing services for your unique business needs.

  • The Fortune Payments team has experience with merchants from dozens of industries. We’ve worked with most of the top processing companies. We know the business. We know both what you need to do and what you shouldn’t do.

That’s a lot about us. Why don’t you call or email so we can start to know about you.

We’re Ready To Answer Your Questions Or Give You A Free Quote

Customer service is the cornerstone of our business. Whether you want a free quote, or advice on which credit card processing system is best for you – when you contact us you’ll get a dedicated account representative who’ll be your contact and available to assist you with all your questions or issues.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions…because we believe that a well-informed customer is a happy customer.

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