Credit Card Machines

Wired And Wireless Terminals

Traditional terminals and credit card machines for modern businesses.

Accept credit and debit payments using Chip and PIN, Tap and Pay, and Mobile Wallets.

Pax S300 Customer Activated Terminal

PAX S300 Customer Activated Terminal is certified with more 3rd party Retail and Restaurant POS Systems for an inexpensive EMV upgrade.  Connect your POS to PAX and protect your profits from EMV related chargebacks

Clover Flex

The mobile Clover Flex offers you maximum flexibility whether you’re checking out customers waiting in-line, table-side at a restaurant, or at the counter of your store.
Flex’s portable size lets you take orders, process transactions, print receipts, get customers’ signatures, and even adjust tips right on the spot.

Poynt Smart Terminal

POYNT is an intelligent Android Terminal works as both countertop and mobile as either an standalone or integrated EMV Payment Terminal with leading POS Systems like Micros, Aloha etc,

Process Transactions Quickly

Customers crave convenience. With NFC-enabled terminals, you can provide a speedy checkout for your customers with Chip and PIN, Tap and Pay, Apple Pay and other mobile payments. Goodbye, long line-ups.

Process Transactions Securely

Each of our wired and wireless terminals encrypt cardholder data, ensuring sensitive information is always safe and secure for every transaction. We think security should be one less thing you have to worry about

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