How Recurring Billing Can Help Your Business

Ideal for subscription services, membership based businesses or any other business with a list of regular customers.
Fortune Payments provides the First Data gateway which includes several advanced billing tools for merchants. These streamlined payment solutions are ideal for subscription services, membership based businesses or any other business with a list of regular customers.

Recurring Billing allows merchants to automate payments that occur at set intervals. Whether you own a gym, or a golf course, whether you are a municipality or a charity, the Recurring Billing feature is a must-have fas it will improve your accounts receivable by implementing the automated recurring billing solution.

Recurring Billing lets businesses define an unlimited number of memberships—with custom pricing—and automate billing for monthly events. Swipe a card once, and charge that same card on a regular basis. You can even set up email receipts, reminders of recurring payments, and notices to alert customers when issues arise—like expired cards. And you can deactivate and reactivate members without losing their billing information.

Merchants can avoid data entry mistakes while decreasing both cost and time spent processing their billing files. Merchants can also proactively help to reduce credit card declines and out-of-date card information by scheduling email alert notifications for soon to be expired credit cards or through the help of card updater.

You can generate unlimited custom recurring billing plans – from simple monthly plans with a set amount, to plans that can accommodate pro-rated amounts, one-time fees, add-ons, metered billing entries and free trials. Build the plans you want and get your customers to subscribe!

Recurring Billing: Benefits For Your Business

  • One-time entry of customer transaction information into our secure online interface

  • Set up timed credit card transactions

  • Build fully flexible schedules (any period of days, weeks or months)

  • Prorate first payments

  • Control declined transactions and customize settings for automatic retries

  • Email invoices to your customer

  • View and email detailed recurring billing reports and customer transaction histories

  • Manage taxes on a per-customer basis

  • Includes support for EMV Chip Cards and Apple Pay

  • Access comprehensive fraud-prevention tools

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