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Growing your business means constantly reaching new customers in new ways. And as customers’ buying habits change, whether it’s shopping online or with a mobile device, you need to keep pace.

Payeezy E-Commerce Platform

As part of our all in one platform, we offer Payeezy. Payeeezy is the dynamic E-Commerce solution you’ve been waiting for. It goes beyond accepting payments, giving you easy access to everything you need to establish or improve your business’ online presence.

With easy setup, global payments, mobile-ready checkout and comprehensive security, Payeezy helps you efficiently create a seamless customer experience on your website.

Integrating A 3rd Party Shopping Cart And Software

Our E-Commerce platform is compatible with most popular 3rd party software and shopping carts. The shopping carts listed on this page are pre-compatible with the payment gateway so that no additional customization or knowledge of programming will be necessary.

If you need help selecting a shopping cart then contact customer service. We will be pleased to help you to select a cart that best matches the needs of your business.

Preferred Shopping Carts

The carts below have been selected based upon ease of use, pricing and flexibility for users.

Big Commerce
Big Commerce is a very fully featured, hosted shopping cart solution. It’s a good choice for intermediate users that want advanced functionality in a hosted cart, and still have a high degree of customization ability.

Mals E-commerce
Mal’s E-commerce is one of the easiest-to-use shopping carts available. The user interface is well laid out and a good choice for users looking for an easy to use shopping cart.

Revindex is a cart built on the .net platform. It is a locally hosted solution, and is a good choice for web developers looking for a .net based cart that can be used in a windows based hosting environment.

Squirrelcart is a php based shopping cart which you install on your own webserver. With Squirrelcart there are no recurring costs and you own the software for life. The cart is well suited to developers who want to install the software on their own server and have access to the source code for any necessary customizations.

X-cart if a PHP / MySQL based shopping cart that is well suited to webmasters and business owners that want to install and operate a shopping cart on their own webserver. One of the major advantages of running a cart on your own server is that you have full access to the code, meaning you can customize the cart in any way you see fit. Because you “own” the software and because it runs on your own webserver, it means there are no ongoing subscription fees for the software – you pay once and own it for life. For business owners that like the appeal of an owned cart, but who aren’t web developers or technical experts, X-Cart provides several support packages ranging from basic installation to full customization and special feature requests.

Compatible Shopping Carts

There are many shopping cart programs that are pre-compatible with the payment gateway. Because there are so many shopping cart programs, it can be difficult to keep this list up to date with the newest carts. Even if your cart is not listed, it may still be compatible. Be sure to contact us to receive the most recent list of compatible shopping cart programs.

  • 1ShoppingCart
  • 3DCart
  • Accounts Online
  • AceFlex 4.0
  • Actinic
  • Active Checkout
  • AliGrafix (Integra Europe)
  • Apoogee
  • Ardeo
  • aSecureCart
  • Avactis
  • B-Com
  • Beans Cappuccino
  • Cactushop
  • Click and Build
  • ClickCart Pro
  • ComAdvance
  • Cows
  • Dansie Cart
  • ecBuilder
  • EMerchantPro
  • EROL
  • Evolve 2000 Store
  • Expocentric
  • Extropia
  • EzStore
  • Foxycart
  • Galileo Commerce
  • IBM WebSphere
  • iDomainCart/iHostingCart
  • IGrapeVine
  • INEX
  • iHTML/Inline
  • Intershop
  • Intershop ePages
  • JShop Professional
  • Magento Commerce
  • Mamut
  • M Cart
  • Mercantec
  • Miva Merchant
  • Netc./Net-Store
  • NetSuite
  • OsCommerce
  • PERL Shop
  • Pulse 2000
  • QDCat
  • Qhost
  • Quikstore
  • RealCart
  • Sage
  • ShopCreator
  • ShopFactory
  • ShopFitter
  • Shopify E-commerce
  • ShopMaster
  • Shopping Cart
  • Shopping Cart 2000
  • StoreSense
  • StoresOnline
  • TKPoint
  • Transaction 2000
  • VirtualShop
  • VP-ASP
  • WebContactPro
  • WebGenie
  • WebLogic
  • Web Widgets
  • WS4D
  • Zencart

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